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Community Airline Service – A Community Economic Driver

Community Flights offers Community Airline Service support, development and management services.

Community Airline Service

We help communities decide on air service priorities and meet their goals.


  • We take on few clients. We can focus our attention on your needs and air goals.
  • Community Flights increases public activity in air programs.
  • We understand Air Service is a driver of the local economy.
  • Our focus is on Community strengths, yet we also support airline goals.
  • We plan long-term but also prepare for short-term opportunities.
  • Our approach is successful as a result our clients have grown their air service.

More about Community Flights

Community Airline Service

        We create Air Service plans with the end result in mind


Your Airport Air Program Success is a High Priority for Community Flights!

Your visit to this website tells us you highly value your airline service. As a result, a high priority for Community Flights is your airline service improvement.

When developing Community Airline Service programs we’ll start by figuring out your community goals. We’ll also try to see what results the community is expecting. Our approach encourages broad community support to drive to successful results. As we help the community plan, we’ll honestly figure out whether you can meet community goals and expectations. We’ll view your goals against your investment level and airline industry basics. We’ll let you know what we think the chances are for success. If we think the proposed level of investment won’t lead to goals being met, we’ll suggest new goals. We may ask that you consider raising your level of investment to meet your goals.

In conclusion, Community Airline Service Programs need a large level of support to succeed. Therefore, based on Community Airline Service goals, we help you figure out a plan to achieve your goals. The right level of air service marketing support and broad community involvement in the program is critical to success.

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