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Awareness of and engagement in local air service by community residents is a critical action to sustain or grow flights. We help community residents re-discover the value of their local air service.

Case Study: Gunnison/Crested Butte, Colorado

In the Gunnison/Crested Butte Region a great majority of locals were choosing to fly from alternate regional airports over Gunnison Airport.

Community Flights solicited a local’s fare from Gunnison Airport from the carrier serving who offered a 10% discount but captured all passengers vs. only some at alternate airports.

Gunnison recaptured some of its leaked flyers helping local flight performance while the airline captured more local flyers and revenue on their flights vs. their choosing another airline at an alternate regional airport with multiple carriers.

For More Information about Community Air Service Engagement click on the below case study.
Case Study: Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Community Engagement

Community Air Service Engagement

Why Community Flights?

Community Flights is solution driven. Many communities have complex air service challenges that get in the way of the economic goals they wish to meet. Our clients have used our professional air service experience and strategic and planning capabilities to effectively support their air service and help them compete at a higher level. Whether assigning airline capacity to match passenger demand, or helping communities recapture passengers lost to other regional airports, Community Flights will offer effective air service solutions for your air service challenges.

Community Flights is an air service support, development and management company that facilitates small community airports sustaining air service as well as better positioning themselves for air service growth opportunities. A coordinated strategic “Community Effort” has a proven track record to lead to the best opportunities for community air service success. For more information email or go to our website at

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