Air Service Enhancement Thru Data

Data and Air Service Enhancement

Data and Air Service Enhancement

Community Flights believes in the maxim
If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it and air service enhancement thru data.

Meaningful analysis of data can inform your management and support of your communities air service. With that in mind, we track airfares, advance bookings and/or try to get these reports from the airlines and other data sources to help drive effective air service support actions; both in your community and cooperatively with the airlines when possible.

In addition to traditional air service forecasting on passenger demand and fares we also conduct forecasting on community investment in revenue guarantee payouts if your community invests in these airline attraction incentives.

Community Flights will also forecast key metrics like return on investment, cost per seat and cost per passenger (For revenue guarantees),

Our specialties include:

Airfare Tracking
>When fares match the varying levels your local and visiting passengers are willing to pay, everyone wins – Air Carriers make a strong profit, your flights are full and your local tax coffers brimming from the increase in economic activity in your community.

>Community Flights examines weekly your airport’s key route airfares against your community airports historical average airfares, historical low or starting airfares (Once this we’ve created this history) as well as comparing them to those of your selected competitors.

>Weekly, we give you your publicly accessible fares and compare them to your competitors’ average fares.

>If your flight bookings are soft, we look at your fares and then we ask the airlines adjust your fares accordingly. We typically will, prior to talking with the airline, also look to coordinate local advertising support of your flights as an encouragement to the airlines to start a fare sale or adjustment.

Air Deal Tracking!
>Community Flights constantly monitors various fare sources to recognize when special air deals come up. These can sometimes be short-term deals that fall within normal weekly air price tracking in key markets as well as include markets outside yourtop markets.

>Community Flights builds key local and visitor air deal notification lists to let you know when air deals are significant and “Actionable” for your community airport passenger segments.

Airfare Club!
>Community Flights works with local businesses, people and organizations to build a list of air travelers who want notification of when air deals and/or air prices are good or when other airline special offers are available. We will also leverage this “List” with the airlines to encourage special airline pricing or initiatives for this group.

Leakage Studies and Reports
>In many cases, people who live in your community are not always using your airport. When you lose air service customers of your local airport to an alternative airport, then
you’re “Leaking” passengers and not maximizing your airport economic activity driving capabilities.

>Community Flights will study closely where you are losing passengers that should be using your airport (As close as zip-code levels), what destinations they are flying to as well as what alternate airports they are using. We’ll conduct a study comparing fares, access convenience and other factors. From this study we can craft a local passenger “Retention” plan to help pull back some of these air passengers using alternate airports.

Note: Typically, due to economic principles and the varying needs of the many passenger segments, not all passengers “Leaking” can be recaptured but a well crafted passenger “Retention” plan can help optimize a communities capture of air passengers and improve your flight revenue performance.

Visitor Capture Optimization – Recapturing “Lost” Visiting Air Passengers
>While “Leakage” is generally understood to consist of local citizens utilizing airports other than your local airport, there is no official term for visiting passengers who fly in to do business or visit your community who in turn use alternate airports to your community airport. Community Flights doesn’t forget about these lost air passengers and offers a Visitor Capture Optimization service. This service can involve coordination with your local tourism and economic development organizations to quantify the loss of visitors to alternate airports. We will also  create communication programs that help improve in the awareness of the value points of your airport when compared with alternate airports to recapture lost air travelers.

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