Community Air Service Education

Community Air Service Education and Promotion

Community Air Service Education

Engage your Community with Air Service through Community Air Service Education

“A communities air service goal should not be average airline fares that are too low and unsustainable. The community air service goal should be airline fares that drive a high level of bookings and a highly profitable level of airline revenues. This will lead to service that lasts and may also lead to even more air service growth.”
Community Flights

Community Flights offers community education and awareness programs that can help better tell your community about their air service and the airline industry and align your community around goals that are achievable and will drive the most community benefit from your airline service.

Community Flights can help your airport or community air service development organization  manage local public and media relations, community education efforts, events and your website. We will also work with your local visitor marketing organizations to drive the attraction of visiting air passengers. Through our air fare tracking efforts we’ll also help better time marketing efforts to when air passenger segments are at the buying point and better direct marketing efforts to where air passengers can see and be receptive to these messages.

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