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New Air Service Market Analysis

“If you are not taking a holistic approach to new air service market evaluation, you could be threatening current air service sustainability by adding new market service that draws passengers and revenue from incumbent air service instead of creating new passenger and revenue opportunities.”                                                                                                                                                               Community Flights

Community Flights
will continually evaluate the changing dynamics in the airline industry to help guide communities to build to their air service objectives. This will involve facilitating the understanding of community air service wants versus community air service needs. It will also involve determining where the community air service needs bi-sect the airlines business goals to find the community/airline “Win-Win” that is typically the best situation to pursue a successful air service acquisition. Then we work with airlines and airports and community support team to secure and support that service.


Community Flights will look to point out and help your community prioritize air service opportunities for your airport based on historical demand and best opportunities to drive high airline profitability. Once we decide on the flight service that meets community needs AND will drive high airline profitability we then serve as a liaison or on the community air service support team working with the airlines to secure and support that air service.

When air service incentives might be needed to help meet the airlines business goals or out compete other communities for the targeted air service, Community Flights will do a pro forma on what this means on a cost and return on investment basis. Additionally Community Flights will help with coming up with a strategy and structure for the community fundraising efforts to fulfill these incentives.

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