Strategic Air Service Planning

Strategic Air Service Planning

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We Facilitate Community Goals that Align and Complement Airline Business Models

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Our Strategic Air Service Planning finds where community flight goals bi-sect airline business aims. We prioritize actions by mutual community/airline benefits to drive positive air service results.

Case Study: Durango, Colorado

Durango Mountain Resort had a desire for added flight capacity and wished to expand
nonstop options from Houston.

Community Flights determined that Continental airlines would pull-down some off-peak weekend Houston flights and made an ask for weekend only service because weekends were peak travel days for Durango.

Durango received its extra capacity while Continental gained profitable usage of its plane that would otherwise be parked. Continental increased profit and Durango increased flight capacity and passenger capture.                                                                  

Community air service success comes from more than just strategic  air service planning. Communities and Airports must engage their community and airport users, get their customers to connect with the community air service and focus on more than air service acquisition. Pre-departure flight promotion and support is also critical.

Drive Good Airport Data

Drive Good Airport Data

Why Community Flights?

Community Flights is solution driven. Many communities have complex air service challenges that get in the way of the economic goals they wish to meet. Our clients have used our professional air service experience and strategic and planning capabilities to effectively support their air service and help them compete at a higher level. Whether assigning airline capacity to match passenger demand, or helping communities recapture passengers lost to other regional airports, Community Flights will offer effective air service solutions for your air service challenges.

Community Flights is an air service support, development and management company that facilitates small community airports sustaining air service as well as better positioning themselves for air service growth opportunities. A coordinated strategic “Community Effort” has a proven track record to lead to the best opportunities for community air service success. For more information email or go to our website at

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