Air Industry Blogs

Air Industry Blogs


Below are the Community Flights Air industry Blogs Posts. We periodically will share air service support, development and management insights via our blog posts.

Airline Passenger Targets Don’t match Tourism Targets!

For many Communities: It shouldn’t just be about Air Service Acquisition

An Air Service Focus – Adds up for DMO’s!

Air Service Support – Produces Positive Results

Build it and they will come?! Not so Fast!

Flights are packed and making money…Is the communities air service safe?

Air Service Development starts with one basic requirement…!

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Air Industry Blogs

Some future blog topics may include:

+ The Importance of Email Marketing for Airports?
+ Integrating Social Media Efforts to Build on the Effectiveness of Email Marketing
+ What Considerations Should you have When Creating an Air Service Funding Plan?
+ How Should I Structure an Air Service Organization to Drive Maximum Effectiveness?
+ What Points Should You Consider When Negotiating a Revenue Guarantee Program with
The Airlines?
+ What Factors Should Our Community Consider When Prioritizing Air Service Markets?
+ What Organizations Should Our Airport Engage with when Building Local Support for Air

Scott Stewart is the principle of Community Flights; an air service support, development and management company. In addition to helping communities acquire air service Community Flights helps communities optimize their flight sales. Community Flights also works with communities, organizations or businesses on leveraging air service for economic gain. Scott formed Community Flights in January 2013. Our goal is to help communities mobilize support efforts and assist clients, bridge the “air service understanding gap” with the airlines. We help create a positive airline and community air service support and performance environment. More info about Community Flights can be found at Scott Stewart can be contacted directly at


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