Airport Social Media Integration with Email Marketing Programs

Social Media Integration with Email Marketing

In an earlier post, we discussed prioritizing, creating and executing an email marketing program from your airport. We shared how a regular conversation with your airport users and potential users could be mutually beneficial. In this post we’ll share how to build a more effective communication program through social media integration with email.

What about the Airport Facebook account that we haven’t posted on in a year. Or the twitter account that you last tweeted on two and a half years ago, you may be asking yourself? Should I be using these communication vehicles? If so How? Why?

Social Media Integration with Email

Social Media Integration with Email Marketing

Yes…you absolutely should use Facebook and Twitter. Social media integration will help you to develop a comprehensive campaign to educate and inform your airport users. This will also help you reach potential users on issues and information important to you and them. People in today’s world, use different vehicles for their communication. Participating effectively on a diverse set of these communication vehicles (Social Media Integration) will help you maximize communication reach.

In earlier posts, I’ve discussed how an airfare deal section is valuable to your readers. (Airports Should Commit to an Email Marketing Program was one earlier post). Readers love bargains and helping them to save is of big value to them. They will consider your airport fondly if you help them SAVE!

What Happens If You’ve Just sent out a Newsletter and a Fantastic NEW Air Sale comes up?

You don’t want to overkill your subscribers with too much information too often by email. You’re afraid you may see a lot of your subscribers, unsubscribe.

Chasing off loyal readers is something you want to avoid. You should send your Email Newsletters no more frequent than Bi-Monthly in most situations.

Social Media Integration with Email

Social Media Integration helps with short notice messaging

Integrating Social Media Can Help You Short Notice Messaging.  

Social media operates differently than email. When you apply Social Media Integration effectively with email, your total communication you enhance your communication effort.

In the situation above, if a killer air deal shows up just after an email send, this deal may also have a short shelf life. You’ll want to notice this information before the airlines pull it down. If you don’t you’ll lose an opportunity to inspire bookings. You want to share the information but you don’t want to overuse email. What can you do?

Integrate with Facebook

We would recommend posting information about the air deal on Facebook. Most of the people who have liked your Facebook page should have this posting appear on their personal Facebook page. Many others will receive an automatic email of this change on their personal page when your message gets posted.

Additionally, we’d also recommend having a deals page on your website. Here you can post the same air deals information. (How to book the air deal details also included). Your Facebook page post could hit on the highlights of the deal. It can also then link to your webpage for more specific and complete information. The key is providing information that can lead your readers to easily book the air deal.

Social Media Integration with Email Marketing

The Importance of “Likes” and “Follows” on Facebook and Twitter

I Don’t have Many “Likes” on my Facebook Page so I’m Worried that Many E-Newsletter Subscribers Won’t See the Deal!

This is why integration of social media and your e-newsletter and website is critical. You want to encourage “Likes” of your airports Facebook page. On Twitter accounts you want to encourage follows. Try to ask for “Like” and “Follow” behaviours in every e-newsletter you send. You also want to encourage this engagement on your website. This will build a terrific audience for these in between newsletter updates. As a first priority, provide meaningful content to your readers. A second main goal would be Cross-linking between your communication vehicles. This will help set-up a good integration of these communication tools.

What is the difference between a Facebook and a Twitter Post?

Facebook allows for more text in a posting than Twitter. A Twitter Tweet only allows for 140 characters. Due to the short nature of these messages, integration with other communication sources is critical with Twitter to completely deliver information. Both Facebook and Twitter allow for photographs and links. When promoting Air Deals or similar information we recommend you integrate photos of destinations (To Inspire. We also suggest you link to a landing page on your website with more complete details of your promoted deal.

Social Media Integration with Email - Less Reader Interruption

Social Media Email Integration Less Reader Interruption

Why Bother with Twitter and Facebook If You Are Going to Link Readers to Your Website?

Twitter and Facebook posts are less interruptive than email. Email is like someone walking into your home while Twitter and Facebook is like you’ve walked to a public place. You expect people will engage you when you’re in public. Most people are more resistant to being messaged at their home.

Additionally, airport users are sometimes on Facebook or Twitter when they will see the message. They have, in essence, opted in to receive the message by this very presence in their accounts. When you receive an auto message via email from Facebook or Twitter you similarly have opted in for this contact. You did so when you liked or followed a page or topic. You understand messaging may come more often than email and you can delete the message quickly if the topic is of no interest.

Twitter and Facebook give you the opportunity to increase engaging readers through your messaging. They both can integrate well with other communication vehicles. In between newsletters you can deliver important time sensitive information like air price deals. With Facebook and Twitter you can deliver information and not alienate your airport users.

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Community Flights is an air service support, marketing and development company. We offer a cost-effective Email Marketing Program to help understaffed airports or those strapped for time to regularly connect with their users and potential flyers. We offer value to your email list flyers through tracking and notification of airfare deals, updates on airport operations and construction and other flyer tips. We help design these communications based on airport comments and direction. These features help grow your email lists and expand your audience. We also provide social media integration strategies that can raise your engagement with your airport users and help expand the effectiveness of your communication campaigns. If you’d like more information email us at [email protected] or visit us at

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