Airports Should Commit to an Email Marketing Program – Part 1

Email Marketing Program

Airports are often competing with other airports, trains, buses and cars for travelers. Airports also compete against other Airports for scheduled commercial airline service. Entities that compete, should act like a business in regards to this competition. They should execute an email marketing program.

For many small airports, managing the daily operations of your airport is a full-time, borderline 24/7 job. While you may try to play the Jack of all Trades, you’ve probably felt like there’s never enough time or staff to do it all.

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Airports Should Commit to an Email Marketing Program

As a result, it’s common for a robust and regular email marketing program that can help you to compete, to become an afterthought. It becomes a challenge to meet for many Airport managers. You’re already struggling with the “essential” tasks, how could you possibly add another thing to your work list?

With email marketing, however, promoting your Airport and connecting with customers becomes a lot easier – and that’s only a snapshot of the bigger email marketing picture.

“Email marketing delivers a return of 4300% and is more cost-effective
than other forms of marketing!”

Email Marketing frees up your time so you can get back to running your airport. And consumers love it. Take a look, the statistics are very compelling:


Of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications thru email



Of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of receiving an email message.



More is spent by consumers who receive email offers than those who don’t.

Email Marketing – A Powerful Tool

At its simplest, email marketing is a powerful communication tool for building relationships with current and potential airport users. Email marketing gives you a chance to speak to a lot of people at once and even expand your reach when recipients send your email communications to colleagues, friends and family.

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Email Marketing: Stay Connected with Airport Users.

Email marketing allows you to stay connected with loyal airport users and those who may often use alternative regional airports. These alternative airport users might consider flying from your airport, an airport that should be their home airport, if they understood the benefits. Email marketing can help you educate both users and potential users about the benefits of using your airport versus the competition.

More on Why Airports Should Have an Email Marketing Program will come in Part -2 soon.

About Community Flights

Community Flights is an air service support, marketing and development company. We offer a cost-effective Email Marketing Program. This program can help understaffed airports or those strapped for time, to regularly connect with their users and potential flyers. We offer value to your email list flyers through tracking and notification of airfare deals. We also, update on airport operations and construction and other flyer tips. We help design these communications based on airport comments and direction. These features help grow your email lists and expand your audience. If you’d like more information email us at [email protected] or visit us at

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