Airports Should Commit to an Email Program – Part 2

Email Marketing Program – Part 2

Email Program Part 2

Email Marketing Programs can help fill your concourse.

So you’re still considering how an Email Marketing program can help your airport…

Imagine this scenario for a moment: A person who is considering a flight trip is exploring your website. She looks around a few pages, but leaves with no further action planned. Maybe she’ll at some point buy a plane ticket from your airport website (If you offer this). She might buy a ticket from a competing airport or on another website. Maybe she’ll move on to other personal tasks and forget about taking a flight altogether.  

Grow Your Airport Enplanements with Email Marketing

Now imagine she subscribes to your e-newsletter and she hears from you again. She has signed-up because you’ve provided valuable information like airfare deals that can help her save money.

This time, a few e-newsletter’s in, she sees a specific air deal from your airport. Or, she see’s that the price has gone down on a trip she had looked at earlier. She click’s on the newsletter booking link or goes to another source. She searches, confirms the good rate and books. Prior to this email she had considered using an alternate airport that offered better pricing for her trip. Your email newsletter that presents content that is meaningful to your readers, has just helped you reverse some of your airport leakage.

Email Program Part 2 Wingshot

Effective email provides info airport users want & need.

Provide Information Your Airport Users Want

Use Email Marketing to Provide Information Your Reader’s Want and Value. This includes providing content that shows your airport has a better “total” air travel price to a destination. This Info can help SAVE your readers money or help them make decisions to fly more comfortably. When you help your readers to receive more flight ticket value, you often also increase your email subscriber audience. You also improve your email audience engagement and loyalty.

The Benefits of a bigger email audience

With a wider audience influenced by your messages this can increase passenger trips and expand the positive impacts of your email newsletter. You might just convert passengers to more regularly fly from your airport. Most importantly, by providing content highly meaningful to your readers you can build a happy and loyal following that is open to other airport messages and more likely to support airport initiatives.

Email becomes so much more than just another way to throw your Airport name before travelers. Email builds connections with people. You can develop trust with your users and you can also present the value of your Airport services.

And that’s what sets effective email marketing apart from traditional advertising. Instead of just telling potential passengers about your airport and hoping they use it, you’re providing value that can help your airport make real connections with your customers.

Let’s imagine one more scenario. Think about Jim, a 55-year-old business person has been a road warrior as of late. He’s been feeling strains in his marital relationship due to his being away from home a lot. While scanning your email he sees an incredible flight deal to Las Vegas for $149 round-trip. He wasn’t planning another travel trip. He figures at this price, however, why not take a  weekend trip to Las Vegas with his wife. Make flights a fun thing for he and his wife. He thinks he may turn a negative view of his travel by his wife, into a positive by including her. Your Airport e-newsletter has now inspired an extra “Unplanned” trip. This trip also gained a couple more enplanements for your airport!

Email Marketing Program Part 2 Airport at Gate

Email Marketing – A great opportunity to connect with Airport Users.


Email Driven Airport User Communications Should be Mutually Beneficial for both the Airport and Airport users. Considering that most people prefer to communicate with brands through their inbox, email marketing is a no-brainer for airports. When your email messaging solves your customer’s problems or otherwise provides value to your flyers, your users become engaged in your messaging. You create a connection between the airport and the reader. These connections can lead to greater community support of your airport. These connections are very positive for both the airport and the airport users.

Why Airports Should Integrate Social Media with their Email Marketing Program

Community Flights is an air service support, marketing and development company. We offer a cost-effective Email Marketing Program called the “Community Airport Airfare Club.” This program can help understaffed airports or those strapped for time, to regularly connect with their users and potential flyers. The Community Airport Airfare Club program offers value to your email list flyers through tracking and notification of airfare deals. We also help provide tools and training for these flyers to better discern flight value and effectively comparison shop air flights. Thru the Community Airport Airfare Club we can also, update subscribers on airport operations and construction and other flyer tips. We help design these communications based on airport comments and direction. These features help grow your email lists and expand your audience. If you’d like more information email us or visit us at


Why Airports Should Integrate Social Media with their Email Marketing Program
Why Airports Should Commit to an Email Program – Part 1

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