Air Service Drives Tourism Revenue

Air Service Drives Tourism Revenue in Many Communities

Air Service Drives Tourism Revenue
look at the Community Tourism Economic Benefit Math

Air service drives tourism revenue in many communities. Tourism is a job creating – economy driving business. When tourism organizations fully leverage the air access they offer and focus on maximizing visitation from this air service, air service drives tourism revenue. Well leveraged air service can increase the jobs created and the economic activity in the community. By maximizing the economic activity driven by their efforts, tourism organizations effectively fulfill their mission and prove the community investment in their organization.

  • Air Tourism Guests tend to stay longer than drive guests
  • Air Tourism Guests spend more than drive guests
  • An Air Tourism Guest is worth more than a drive tourism guest






Avg Spend






Avg Stay






Party Size






Party Spend






*Avg per destination – Overseas visitors avg 1.7 states & multiple destinations – 18 nights is avg overall stay*

Data is from, AHLA and TNS Travel America Survey or from math computations from this information.

The Air/Drive columns represent a communities information that wishes to remain anonymous. This is a resort  community that overall does see higher air visitor spend then drive visitor and longer stays and overall air party  spend. This is a resort community that overall does see higher spending than the US average but has been selected in order to  illustrate the value of fly vs. drive guests and the overall trend of higher value of fly visitors. This resort community shows how air service drives tourism revenue.

Key Tourism Organization Questions:

  • Are you focused on the higher yielding air guest…particularly the overseas guest?
  • Are you exercising proactive support of air service to increase air seat capacity and increasing air service  guests to drive larger  economic activity via your tourism agency efforts?
  • Is there a high degree of tourism/Air Service integration via coordinated marketing & support efforts with  your airport and/or other community organizations?

Community Flights offers air service management, inter-organization facilitation and support coordination  services. We’ll help you manage your air service to where your air service will drive tourism revenue. We provide proven professional guidance that can help you maximize the effectiveness of your air  support & optimize the benefits & economic activity of your efforts.

Our services can run from entry-level and lower cost basic support programs to more involved and integrated  support and air service development efforts depending on your tourism needs. Because air service drives tourism revenue, tourism agencies should consider heightening their focus on air service support.

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