Strong Air Service Partner

Strong Air Service Partner – Should be a Community Goal

Strong Air Service Partner – Should be a Community Goal
Communities with Strong Air Service Make the Best Airline Partners

Strong Air Service Partner. This is the community airline designation that every community should strive for. If the community goal is for great airline relationships and the best chance for air acquisition success work towards being viewed as a strong air service partner. When your community pursues new air service or added capacity a history of strong air service financial performance is your biggest asset.

Airlines have many potentially profitable communities they can offer air service to so you must emphasize your high profitability potential AND that you have an effective and highly cooperative air service support program. When your place your community as a strong air service partner, this can help win you air service and/or added capacity over other communities who also want air service.

When you get the usually unspoken but highly desired Strong Air Service Partner designation from airlines that serve your community, your airline opportunities expand and email and phone calls get returned. Helping an airline become more profitable is the best way to open up the community doors to new air service.

Community Flights has developed over 35 best practices and guiding principles for communities looking to improve their air service. The above is just a small sample of a complete guidebook of best practice.

If you’d like to receive the complete guidebook for FREE: Community Flights Air Service Development Best Practices and Guiding Principles, email: and ask that we send the full guide.

Scott Stewart is the principle of Community Flights; an air service support, development and management company. Community Flights works with communities, organizations or businesses on leveraging the great economic asset that air service is for economic gain. Scott formed Community Flights in January 2013 to help mobilize community support efforts and guide clients in bridging the “air service understanding gap” with the airlines to create an airline and community win-win air service support and performance environment. You can find more info about Community Flights at Contact Scott Stewart directly at .

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