Community Air Service Programs - Leveraging Tourism

Community Air Service Programs

Leveraging Local Tourism Industry for Community Air Service Programs Success

In many communities, the local tourism industry, if incorporated as an integral partner of the community air service programs, can help drive the growth of scheduled air service.

There are many reasons why tourism is a driver of air service success including:

> Limits to local population – There are limits to air traffic that could be captured
solely from your local residents. Your regional population its the limit.

> More opportunity to increase visitation – while the number of lodging rooms can put some limits on your visitor passenger capture, most communities tend to have occupancy opportunities. You can typically capture more air tourism visitors than you are.

Coordinated actions with Tourism Air Service Partners that help drive increased passenger enplanements and drive more air service include:

  • Air Fare Tracking and Potential Guest Notification – Noting air deals via an email newsletter or other communication can help capture more price-point sensitive guests.
  • Communicate value of bundled or pre-purchase air ticket features – Educate
    potential guests before their air ticket buy. Tell them about various airline feature options and how to best save on these features (seat selection, bags, priority boarding
    …). This will help improve overall airline revenues and the airline view of your market.
  • Coordinate Air & Land Special Deals – When identifying slower booking periods ahead
    of air travel departure dates, request air sales. Also coordinate air sales with marketing lodging and activity deals. The combined value and promotion can help fill-in these flight periods. It will also help maximize passenger and revenue capture and improve flight financial performance.
  • Coordinate Air Markets Pursued – Often choosing a strong tourism market as your next
    new air service market can lead to a successful new air service. Also, involving tourism with new air market choice can increase tourism marketing and funding support.
    And More…

Coordinated support of your air service within your community air service programs with agencies like your local tourism association and lodging and attraction businesses will
put more resources and focus on air service and help lead to air service success.

Community Flights is an air service development, management and support company specializing in helping tourism heavy air traffic communities to reach their air service goals. We help drive positive economic benefits through air service support and development. We focus on developing Community Air Service Programs. Contact for more information.

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