Air Carrier Retention

Air Carrier Retention

Retaining Air Service

Air Carrier Retention – Competing to Retain Your Flights

“Communities whether they know it or not, are competing with other communities to keep air service let alone any efforts to gain new air service! Today, successful community air service really starts, with air carrier retention.“  
Community Flights

A communities airport is very often defined by the public it serves; by its air carriers, and the markets these air carriers serve. Community Flights strong airline relationships help optimize your local air service and build-up strong and long-term, community relations with your airline partners. It starts, however, with air carrier retention.

We specialize in pre-departure air flight support which helps your partner and the airlines serving you, run as profitably as possible and your community maximize the economic benefits driven through your air service. We also work with your airport in engaging your community to  make sure air service is held in its rightful high regard.

In addition, we identify your airports strengths and promote these strengths within your community and to potential visiting flyers to your airport via community tourism and business and/or economic development organizations.

The main focus: Air carrier retention. To gain or keep successful air service at your airport. In today’s airline industry, this goal requires the collaborative effort of your airlines, your key air service stake-holding community organizations, your airport, your local governments and frankly all regional community citizens. Community Flights specializes in heightening community engagement with your air service and in facilitating effective community air service support.

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