Community Flight Services

Optimizing Air Service

Community Flight Services – Optimizing Air Service

  Are Your Community Flight Services Optimized?
 Are you obtaining the Maximum Benefit from your Air Service?

Community Flights Tourism/Air Service Optimization Services 

  • Examines your air service competitive position against key competing airports.
  • Identifies strengths & weaknesses in your air service.
  • Suggests actions to optimize your air service economic tourism contributions.
  • Helps your community set benchmarks to better manage your air program.
  • Consistently measures performance to gauge air service support effectiveness.
  • Creates a focused community air service support coordination effort.
  • Helps your community leverage special deals to maximize flight occupancies.

Do you have Air Service Opportunities?

  • Air service growth isn’t achieved just through adding new market flights
  • Opportunities also come through larger planes & capacity increases.
  • Filling a higher percentage of your current air capacity and adding revenue to your current air service can help create an environment where you can create more opportunities for air service capacity or air market growth.

Can you identify and capture increased capacity and/or Air Service?

  • Community Flights Air Service Optimization performs a SWOT analysis to identify opportunities
  • Community Flights has a proven track record in improving flight revenue and occupancy performance.


American Eagle Durango

About Community Flights

  • Our staff has been providing tourism & air service strategic services since 1989.
  • A track record of industry leading performance for client communities.
  • Diverse tourism experience including in reservation fulfillment systems training & management
  • Extensive experience evaluating air service data & conducting professional analysis
  • Leadership in facilitating air program structure with communities and in setting up flight support networks.

Other Community Flight services available:

> Community air service management
> Air service economic impact analysis
> Air service sales training
> Air service development program facilitation
> Community air service education & alignment

If you wish to get started on your communities Tourism/Air Service Optimization, or have questions contact Scott Stewart at:

Community Flights  –  Scott Stewart  –  –  970-759-3559


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