Air Passenger Capture Should be Community Air Service Priority

Air Passenger Capture

Air Passenger Capture

Air Passenger Capture Should Be Community Air Service Priority
…And The First Community Action Taken to Gain More Air Service

Success in capturing new air service or sustaining current air seat capacities, drives the successful air passenger capture of inbound flyers and the recapture of  your local flyers who are using alternative regional airports. Pursuing air service when you are under-performing with current service is a recipe for failure and community frustration.

Unfortunately the “Fun” part of community air service development is the pursuit of new air service from the airlines, not maximizing air passenger capture. If you think like the airline, however, why would you add air service to a community that is not maximizing its air passenger capture, flight revenues and profits?

On the other hand, when you maximize air passenger capture, if this takes the service to a level of strong profitability, the airlines will sometimes add service on their own initiative. In other cases, when you point out your air service performance improvements (With the help of air service professionals!) the airline will be more likely to add service capacity or new markets than with just average or worse air service performance.

Conscious and effective action to maximize air passenger capture can gain more flight markets and capacity and increase the access the global world can have to your community bringing many economic and quality of life benefits to your region.

Community Flights has developed over 35 best practices and guiding principles for communities looking to improve their air service. The above is just a small sample of a complete guidebook of best practice.

If you’d like to receive the complete guidebook for FREE: Community Flights Air Service Development Best Practices and Guiding Principles, email: and ask that we send the full guide.

Scott Stewart is the principle of Community Flights; an air service support, development and management company. Community Flights works with communities, organizations or businesses on leveraging the great economic asset that air service is for economic gain. Scott formed Community Flights in January 2013 to help mobilize community support efforts and guide clients in bridging the “air service understanding gap” with the airlines to create an airline and community win-win air service support and performance environment. You can find more info about Community Flights at Contact Scott Stewart directly at

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